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Review of Social Sciences(ROSS) is published in June and December biannually, by College of Social Sciences, National Chengchi University and WuNan Book Inc. It’s main purpose is to discuss relevant topics in three major fields: politics, economy, and society.

In addition, as cross-disciplinary research became the trend in social sciences, we aim at creating a communication platform for cross-disciplinary research in social sciences. Therefore, cross-disciplinary research articles are particularly welcome.

Once we receive your submitted manuscript, it will be reviewed immediately and anonymously. The results of the first review shall be notified within three months. If your article is accepted, a gift of NT$10,000 per research article will be given.

The research paper must contain the following sections: title, abstract, the main body of the paper, references, and abstract in English. The length of the article should be within 15,000 to 25,000 words. Please type and edit the article with Microsoft Word, and send it to, with the author’s contact information such as address, telephone number and email address attached.

Our journal has the right to edit the manuscript and may not return the original manuscript. It is recommended that authors leave a copy of the manuscripts. Please write the paper according to the formatting style of this journal.


Journal Title: Review of Social Sciences
Date to Found: April, 2007
Publish Language: Chinese and English
Place to Publish: Taiwan, R.O.C.
City to Publish: Taipei City
Edited by: College of Social Sciences, NCCU

Editorial Board

Chief Editor

Wan-Ying Yang (Dean, College of Social Sciences, National Chengchi University)

Deputy Chief Editor

Don-Yun Chen (Department of Public Administration, National Chengchi University)

Executive Editors

Bennis Wai Yip So (Department of Public Administration, National Chengchi University)
Ray-May Hsung (Department of Sociology ,National Chengchi University)
Yung-Ho Weng (Department of Economics ,National Chengchi University)



Chien-Fu Lin (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)
Fu-Sheng Hung (Department of Economics, National Chengchi University)
Hung-Hao Chang (Department of Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University)
Chih-Hai Yang (Department of Economics, National Central University)


Yeong-Tsyr Wang (Graduate Institute of Social Work, National Taiwan Normal University)
Fu-Chang Wang (Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica)
Li-Yu Song (Department of Social Work, National Chengchi University)
Chyi-In Wu (Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica)

Political Sciences

Chung-Li Wu (Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica)
Tse-Kang Leng (Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica)
Chia-Ming Chen (Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica)
Lu-Huei Chen (Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University)


Vol.16 No.2

2022, December

Tsai-Chuan Ma; Chiu-Hua Chan
“An Investigation of Betel Nut Beautys’ Labor Work of Body and Systematic Discipline”

Hsien-Ming Lin
“The Taiwanese Rural Villages’ Economic Resilience and Agricultural Transformation: A Case Study of Meinong and Jhutian”

Chak-Meng Lei; Yeun-Wen Ku
“Implication of Social Investment in Macao’s Social Policy: Evidences from Expenditure on Education and Elderly Welfare”

Vol.16 No.1

2022, June

Yi-Chen Hong
“Relationship between Socioeconomic Status, Social Network, and Subjective Well-Being”

Lian-Chin Chen; Zen-Fu Ueng
“Two-Dimensional Rent-Seeking for Congested Public Goods”

Guang-Xu Wang
“Antecedents and Consequences of Emotional Labour of the Volunteers at the Community Care Stations”

Vol.15 No.2

2021, December

Yen-hao Huang
“Ancestral Home Segregation in Qing Taiwan and Schelling’s Segregation Model”

Peir-Shyan Liaw; Shao-Qing Chen
“The Impact of Intertemporal Substitution Effect of Consumption and Imperfect Asset Substitution with Respect to the Dynamic Adjustment of Stock Price under the Announcement Effect Analysis of Deductible Dividend Tax Ratio”

Pei-Yuen Tsai
“The Relationship between Parents’ Working Hour Types and Frequency of Parent-Child Interactions”

Vol.15 No.1

2021, June

Hui-Chun Peng; Joshua Chen-Yuan Teng
“Excusable Selfishness: A Rawlsian Explanation for Maximizing One’s Own Chances to Win a Lottery”

Hsiang-Kai Dong; Kai-Ju Chang; Don-Yun Chen; Yang-Chung Chen
“Does “Match” Matter? The Impacts of Person-Organization Fit on Public Servants’ Job Satisfaction”

Ti-Ching Peng; Jun-Kai Huang
“The Panel Estimates of Socioeconomic Factors on Different Types of Crime in Brisbane, Australia”

Vol.14 No.2

2020, December

Grace, Shu-Hua Hua
“Social Interaction Effects on Active Political Participation: Social Media and Opinion Networks”

Albert, Shih-Yi Chiu
“Negative Campaigning and Candidates’ Crisis Management: the Case Study of Taipei’s Mayoral Election in 2014”

Chun-Kai Wang; Zen-Fu Ueng
“The Impact of Rent-Seekers’ Heterogeneity in Ability on Two-Dimensional Rent-Seeking Activities”

Vol.14 No.1

2020, June

En-Ming Shih; K. L. Glen Ueng
“Privatization Level, Tax Competition and Public Good”

Peir-Shyan Liaw; Gin-Ho Lai
“Price Regime Collapse, Wealth Effect and Asset Substitution Degree on the Dynamic Impact of Stock Price”

Lin-Fang Chen; K. L. Glen Ueng; Horn-In Kuo
“CSR, Corporate Tax Evasion and the Neutrality of Profit Tax”

Vol.13 No.2

2019, December

Ying-Wei Wang; Yueh-Er Lin; Jun-Rong Chen; Ching-Hsia Cheng
“A preliminary study on the operation of home care service team”

Chia-hung Tsai
“Government Performance, Civic Culture, and Satisfaction with Democracy”

Joshu Chen-Yuan Teng; Yun-Shan Chan; Yu-I Peng; Chien-Hao Fu
“Respect Breeds Integrity and Incompetence Incites Deception: A Lab Experiment on How Taxpayers are Treated and the Competence of the Tax Authority”

Vol.13 No.1

2019, June

Che-Cheng Chang; Li-Yu Song
“The Extent and Correlates of Empowerment among Adolescents”

Peir-Shyan Liaw
“Dual Floating Exchange Rates Regime, Efficient Bargaining Model and Policy Assignment”

Zen-Fu Ueng; Jyh-Chyi Gong; Tzu-Chieh Chou
“Partnerships with Hidden Output and Utilization of Common Resources”

Vol.12 No.2

2018, December

Chin-fen Chang
“Why Can’t Gender-Based Hostility Be Eradicated from the Workplace? Analyzing Power Operations in Dealing with Sexual Harassment in Hospitals”

Zen-Fu Ueng; Tzu-Han Huang
“The Impact of Jurisdictional Spillover Effects on Two-Dimensional Rent-Seeking Activities”

Hsien-Ming Lin
“The Comparative Political Economics Analysis of Taiwan and South Korea’s Shipbuilding Industry (1970~2001): From the Theory of Developmental State to Variety of Capitalism’s Perspectives”

Vol.12 No.1

2018, June

Ray-Yun Chang
“The Effect of Network Externalities on Price and Quantity Competition in a Vertically Differentiated Duopoly”

Jue-Shyan Wang; Tzu-Ling Chen
“An Analysis on the Effectiveness of Leniency Policy under Cartel”

Da-Chi Liao; Cheng-Shan Liu; Bo-Yu Chen
“Taiwanese Nationalism in the Age of Cross-Strait Integration: Predominance and Pragmatism”

Vol.11 No.2

2017, December

Chih-Hung Wang; Jo-Tzu Huang
“Infrastructure Mediated Hydro-territorialization: The Formation and Transformation of Water Supply Governmentality in Taipei”

Peir-Shyan Liaw; Wei-Shang Hung
“The Impact of Price Regime Collapse and Speculation Degree of Speculator on the Dynamic Path of Spot Exchange Rate and Forward Exchange Rate : An Example of Commodity Market Stochastic Shock”

Ming-Feng Liu
“Democratic Transition and the Change of Emotional Mode for the Land: The Role of BOT in The County Magistrate Election of Kinmen in 2014”

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