College Organization

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CSS Committees

  • College Council
  • Teacher’s Evaluation Committee
  • Social Sciences Common Knowledge Education Course Committee
  • Planning and Managing Committee for Social Sciences Building Complex
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Legislative Committees
  • Planning Committee of Master Program

Academic Degree Programs

  • Department of Economics (BA, MA, PhD)
  • Department of Ethnology (BA, MA, PhD)
  • Department of Land Economics (BA, MA, PhD)
  • Department of Political Science (BA, MA, PhD)
  • Department of Public Administration (BA, MA, PhD)
  • Department of Public Finance (BA, MA, PhD)
  • Department of Sociology (BA, MA, PhD)
  • Graduate Institute of Development Studies (MA, PhD)
  • Graduate Institute of Labor Research (MA)
  • Graduate Institute of Social Administration and Social Work (MA, PhD)

Professional Degree Programs

  • International Doctor Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS)
  • International Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS)
  • Int’l Master’s Program of Applied Economics & Social Development (IMES)
  • Master of Eminent Public Administrators
  • Master Program of Land Economics