【 Announcement 】【Autumn Semester, 2022】Application for subsidy for students attending international academic activities is accepted till Aug. 31, 2022

I. Eligibility
1. Eligible applicants shall be students under the College of Social Sciences, excluding students pursuing a double major and a degree minor at college of social sciences.
2. It is recommended that students first apply for subsidies to relevant entities within or outside of the University before applying to the College for subsidies.
3. Student applicants shall be enrolled in the autumn semester 2022 during which they attend the international academic activities.
II. Scope
This funding is used to subsidy the registration fee for the international academic activities only. The registration fee shall be reimbursed for actual expenses with the payment receipt.
III. Application
1. Till 5:00 p.m. of Aug. 31, 2022.
2. Please email the following documents to fannie@mail2.nccu.tw
IV. Required Document
1. Original application form for awards/subsidies for students attending international academic activities. (Appendix I)
2. Invitation to international academic activities or proof of acceptance.
3. Certificate or a result notification letter to prove that the applicant has applied for subsidies to relevant entities within or outside of the University.
4. Those who are participating in international conferences and presenting a paper shall submit the abstract of the paper. Those who are participating in other international academic activities shall submit the research plan or event announcement.
5. Other supporting documents, e.g. relevant event announcements, agendas, full texts of paper, copies of relevant works or foreign language proficiency certificates, etc.
V. Applicants who are granted award/subsidy by the College shall prepare Students’ feedback report on attending international academic activities and receipts within 14 working days after returning.
VI. Results Scheduled in mid or late Sep. on CSS website
VII. Forms Download
1. application form
2. Students’ feedback report

If any questions, you are welcomed to email to fannie@mail2.nccu.tw Ms. LIN at the International Affairs Office, College Of Social Sciences