【NEWS】【WT Group】Recruitment of Talent and Internship

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 About WT Group
WT Microelectronics is the top leading professional service provider focusing on the global semiconductor and electrical components industry. WT currently serves over 400 global leading semiconductor partners and provides services to over 25,000 quality customers. The products we carry are broadly used in various fields, including 5G, PC, data center, consumer electronics, industry & instrument, IoT, and automotive. Operating at a solid and steady pace, WT’s annual revenue for 2023 is approximately NT$600 billion. This year, we’ll provide service worldwide with Future Electronics.
 More about WT Group (Stock No.: 3036)
Company Website:http://www.wtmec.com
Company Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qzw-kR1o9A

 Job Vacancy (below includes full-time & internship)
Sales -Sales Engineer
Operation -Customer Service Representative
-Vendor Service Representative
-Material Planner
IT & Finance-Java Engineer
-IE Project Management
 How to apply
-Full-time: please apply via 104 Job Bank as below link. https://www.104.com.tw/company/12tgftnk?job=&roleJobCat=0_0&area=0&page=2&pageSize=20&order=8&asc=0&tab=job

-Internship: please apply via below link or send CV to wanttalent@wtmec.com https://www.104.com.tw/job/8bzkr?jobsource=company_job