【NEWS】India and unforgettable memory of NCCU alumnus An NCCU Alumnus gave a talk on experience in India, disclosing valuable memory, thinking out of the box to audiences, and embracing uncertainty.

【Article by College of Social Sciences】
On 18th October 2022, NCCU alumnus Yoyo Yu, former correspondent from Phoenix TV and currently the director CEO office at XREX inc, gave a talk under the theme of “Five things India has taught me” at College of Social Sciences.

“I decided to go to India. So that is another developing country with a lot of opportunities and, of course, a lot of uncertainties,” Miss Yu said

Miss Yu started her scenario in New Delhi as an intern at a travel agency, earning 16,000 rupees (9,000 New Taiwan Dollars, approximately the exchange rate in 2012) per month. Three months later, Miss Yu decided to quit her internship once she found that the travel agency appeared to exploit her. “At that time, many International interns were not happy about the situation,” Miss Yu revealed.

Luckily, she found a job as a journalist for the Phoenix TV. Her journalist career paved the way to understanding the practice of “Extreme but Flexible” in Indian culture. For example, from “starting-dinning-time at 10 pm” to “No-cold tea and “no-chewy bubble milk tea”, it showed the dissimilarity between her hometown and exotic society.

An alumnus stated that it was an incredible journey for eight years from her duty in covering many major news and stories and meeting many wonderful people. One thing Miss Yu could catch is that the Indians always find a way out, no matter the situation is.

Miss Yu stressed what she learned from India: people always need to figure out a way and move forward, no matter how the situation is. Miss Yu also introduced the term Jugaad or the alternative way of solving problems.

“Jugaad can solve part of your problems. It cannot solve a hundred per cent problem, but you can solve like a 60%, then it is a guy for you,” Miss Yu explained. She also explained that there are many Indian CEOs in top overseas companies, which is not about English proficiency. Still, it relates to the mindset of figuring the way out.

Near the end of her talk. Miss Yu reflected on her experience of privilege and vulnerability through the basic human needs of “Toilet” and her privilege as an expat. She stated that many Indians do not have a toilet in their houses which derives from the Hinduism belief of purity and cleanliness in the place. Also, the caste believes that the lowest caste has obliged to clean the toilet.

“Of course, it is challenging to live in another country, and wherever you go to the United States or go to India or Africa, when you move to somewhere else, you need to adjust yourself to that environment. Of course, it is challenging.” Miss Yu said

The former correspondent also stressed that things not in your plan might be beautiful, Enjoying the view on the way.

ETP Convener, Prof. JEN-HAO CHEN introduced the speakers to kick off the seminar.(Photo by College of Social Sciences)
In 2012, at the age of 22, she graduated from the Department of Journalism of NCCU and is looking for a future path. She had set her own future without self-limitation by giving herself to three places: Germany, China, and India.(Photo by College of Social Sciences)
Yoyo Yu said that being a reporter in India was a gift from the sky.(Photo by College of Social Sciences)
The speaker's wonderful and vivid speech content made the audience laughed heartily.(Photo by College of Social Sciences)
During the Q&A time, many students interacted with the speaker.(Photo by College of Social Sciences)